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Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Being a Pharmaceutical Researcher with High Expertise

There are new technologies, such as pharmacogenomics, individualized drug treatments, and regenerative medicine, which have a great influence on medical care in this century. For promoting people's healthy life with proper application of these progressing medical technologies, successive development of human resources with expertise of cutting-edge medical science and technology is an indispensable prerequisite. These experts should have the ability to think about the impact of their technical achievements on human society, such as risk-benefit perspective and pharmacogenomics. This school is open for graduates from departments/schools of pharmaceutical sciences(4-year program) and those who have received education in equivalent level at other department/schools.

Coverage from Drug Discovery Research to Prudent Drug Use

The research and educational activities of the Graduate School is not limited to the areas of fundamental pharmaceutical sciences, such as chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutics, but also extends to applied pharmaceutical disciplines, such as drug delivery and drug targeting, clinical pharmaceutics, clinical pathophysiology, clinical drug evaluation, drug informatics, evidence-based medicine, and regulatory sciences. Nurturing of specialists having capability of clinical research can be conducted through collaboration with the School of Medicine. It is expected that students who complete the program will have chances to work not only in pharmaceutical but also in food sciences, chemical and cosmetic industries, and government and other public organizations.

A joint program of the Graduate Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine

"Nurturing Future Leaders in the Area of Discovery Research in Pharmaceutical Science" was awarded as the Program for Reforming Graduate Schools by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan (MEXT) in 2008. Also, a joint program of the Graduate School of Pharmacy, Clinical Research Center of the Graduate School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Media Governance's Institute for Advanced Biosciences is undertaken.
Additionally, the Teaching Assistant and the Research Assistant positions are offered to graduate students as means of providing them with financial support. Post graduates from the Master's program are actively working for pharmaceutical industry such as pharmaceutical companies and CRO, chemical manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals and others. And those from the PhD program have found employment at pharmaceutical companies and also been active in positions of researchers at universities and public research institutes.

Educating Human Resources who Lead Drug Discovery Research and Pharmaceutical Education

The advantage of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to facilitate interdisciplinary study by cooperating and collaborating with other disciplines, such as medicine and science and engineering.
Through the interdisciplinary research, the Graduate School aims at fostering human resources who will be future leaders in the area of drug discovery and pharmaceutical education. Under its unique curriculum and education of cutting edge of drug discovery science and bioscience, the Graduate School offers students the opportunity to become human resources of having not only experimental skills in laboratory but also ability to select their own research themes and pursue them.
The students are encouraged to present their research findings in academic papers and at academic conferences. The Doctorial program emphasizes on nurturing researchers of international caliber with logical and creative thinking, having sophisticated research skills and active in presenting their research achievement in international journals and participating in international congresses.

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