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Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy

Mission Statement

The recent circumstances of pharmacy and pharmaceutical professionals are changing greatly in accordance with the emergence of social problems surrounding medicines. Examples include the progress of science and technology in medical care, the advent of an aging society due to a low birth rate, demands for development of epoch-making novel drugs, as well as other issues. Aiming for the advancement in the quality of pharmacists who contribute on the medical front or in other areas, as specialists in medicines, the "6-year education program in pharmacy" such advancements began legislatively in 2006 in Japan. There exists, as a background to the amendment, intense social requirements for nurturing pharmacists as advanced professionals who have the knowledge and satisfactory skills to meet social demands and possess interdisciplinary knowledge capable of acting as a member of a medical team in cooperation with physicians and nurses.
Following an amendment, a "4-year education program" was initiated in a rearranged form at the same time, in this Faculty of Pharmacy in order to respond to the social demands for capable persons acting not only in new drug innovation but also in extensively diverse areas of pharmaceutical sciences such as environmental and life sciences.

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