The Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers two majors: the Major in Pharmacy, which is designed for graduates of the six-year Pharmaceutical Sciences program who wish to acquire further competencies in clinical research; and the Major in Pharmaceutical Sciences, which is designed for graduates of the four-year Pharmaceutical Sciences program who wish to cultivate research skills with a higher level of expertise.

Programs Majors Degrees
Master's Program Pharmaceutical Sciences Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Doctoral Program Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ph.D. in Pharmacy
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Major in Pharmacy (four-year Doctoral Program)

Promote clinical and translational research as a pharmaceutical scientist

This major aims to train personnel who can play leading roles as pharmacists with superior levels of expertise, team leaders in the clinical development and review of new drugs at pharmaceutical companies and government agencies, and researchers who can conduct clinical research to a global standard.

Major in Pharmaceutical Sciences (two-year Master's Program followed by three-year Doctoral Program)

Contribute to human health as a professional in drug discovery and life science

This major aims to foster outstanding researchers who can contribute to the maintenance and improvement of human health through pharmaceutical and life science research. Pulling from a broad knowledge scope and a high level of expertise, we train professionals who can collect the latest information globally and analyze it accurately.