The ultimate goal of the Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy is to contribute extensively to human society through questioning and taking on the issues currently facing pharmaceutical education and research with a global perspective.

The Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 2008 through a merger with the Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy, one of the leading -and at 77-years, one of the oldest -pharmaceutical universities in Japan. The aim of the faculty is to develop the intellectual, moral, and practical abilities required by pharmaceutical professionals with seamless cooperation with the other schools and faculties across the Keio University system.

Through the comprehensive education of those engagedin medicine, the faculty will provide guidance for living a healthy life in a future, global society, and will take a leadership role in nurturing consultants for a healthful life, above and beyond what is ordinarily expected of pharmacists.

Our faculty will foster diverse human resources who also engage in research and development of medicines and food, and in understanding the environment we live in, those who lead the business community with pharmaceutical intelligence and who take the initiative in policy-making in the area of pharmaceuticals and its implementation domestically and/or globally.