Nurturing Pharmaceutical Professionals who contribute to Society and Lead the Future

With increase of concerns on health, medication, and safety of food and environment, and with development of aging society, there is an increase of people's expectations for pharmaceutical universities to play their roles in society and to contribute to human life. For responding to the change of social expectations, the Faculty nurtures human resources who fully recognize their roles in society and are capable of fulfilling their responsibility through pharmaceutical education with holistic and global views. Also, the Faculty creates new knowledge in the area of pharmaceutical sciences under collaboration with other schools and faculties and research institutions. Thus, the Faculty contributes to the realization of safe, secure and healthy life in society through research and education of pharmaceutical sciences.

University Community Pharmacy

Two-Departments Open for Undergraduate Students

The Faculty of Pharmacy responds to changing social requirements with numerous measures, for example, establishment of two study courses for undergraduate students; Department of Pharmacy (6-year program) and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (4-year program). The educational curriculum of the Departments are developed with taking advantage of the traditionally accumulated pharmaceutical expertise and amalgamating it with other academic disciplines.

Collaborative Research with Other Schools/
Faculties in Keio

The Faculty of Pharmacy aims at broadening the area of research of pharmaceutical sciences and upgrading the quality through collaboration with other schools and faculties in Keio, such as School of Medicine, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care and others. Through the interdisciplinary and collaborative research, the Faculty creates new solutions for various issues underlying in the modern society, such as on human life, global environment, gene recombinant technology, food safety, emergence of new infectious diseases.

Development of Humanity through Studies of
Liberal Arts

Students in the Faculty of Pharmacy take courses of general education in the first year together with students in other faculties at Keio's Hiyoshi Campus. The course curriculum includes human, social and natural sciences. This course arrangement enables the students to develop their accomplishments and knowledge not just in pharmaceutical sciences. Additionally, it is highly expected that students in the Faculty have chances to communicate with students in other faculties through group activities. Moreover, in the early exposure program held in the first year, students in Department of Pharmacy and those in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences visit hospital and community pharmacies and sites where pharmaceutical sciences are applied, respectively. This program has an effect on the students so as to simulate their future professions and increases their motivations for study.

Hiyoshi Campus

Hiyoshi Commemorative Hall

line of trees at Hiyoshi Campus

Curriculum for Nurturing Pharmacists and Professionals of Pharmaceuticals

For the Department of Pharmacy (6-year program), the curriculum is arranged primarily for nurturing pharmacists with high quality of performance. The curriculum is prepared in accordance with the Model Core Curriculum of the Education in Pharmaceutical Universities (issued by the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan) with emphasis on humanism and practical pharmacy. Pharmacists with sophisticated professional knowledge, good communication skills, and ability to actively play their role in a medical team are nurtured. For the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (4 year-program), the curriculum provides students with subjects not limited to research and development of drugs but also a wide range of areas surrounding pharmaceuticals. It is expected that students gain the knowledge and skills necessary for researchers, engineers, professionals of teaching pharmaceutical science and technology.