Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences are established in April, 2008 as a result of the merger of Keio University and Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy.


Kyoritsu Women's Professional School of Pharmacy is founded as a 3-year program.


Reorganized and renamed Kyoritsu College of Pharmacy, a 4-year program (for women only), under the School Education Act.


Urawa campus opens with Medicinal Botanical Garden and athletic grounds.


Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is established.


The Kyoritsu College of Pharmacy begins accepting students of all genders.


University Community Pharmacy opens.


6-year undergraduate pharmaceutical education system is started under the School Education Act

Department of Pharmacy initiates new 6-year pharmacy education program with an emphasis on clinical practice and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences initiates 4-year program with an emphasis on pharmaceutical sciences.


Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy merges with Keio University

Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences are established.


Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Program begins

The Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Program began among the School of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, and Faculty of Pharmacy with the goal of combining their expertise and resources in training health care workers capable of contributing to team-based medical care from an early stage in their professional careers.


Research Center for Drug Discovery is established

Through collaborations with research institutions both within and outside of Keio University, the Center aims to share the achievements made in drug discovery research with society, and to foster outstanding internationally-minded personnel in the field of drug discovery.