University of Iowa
6/19/2023 - 7/14/2023

Kim Vo

Take whatever you believe happens while studying abroad and toss it away. No matter how much research I completed, my experience in Tokyo, Japan was something I could not have been prepared for. Keio University is a wonderful university filled with generous staff and students. From the moment I arrived, to the time I left, there was always someone who offered help. I got to explore the culture, history and taste the amazing food in just one month.

There are several differences between the United States compared to Japan when it involves pharmacy practice. From the process of how the patients receive care and treatment to who is completing tasks and providing that care. The education students go through is held by a high standard. Student pharmacists must complete four years of education, one year of on-site training, and one year of research prior to completing Pharmacy School. Every student I spoke with was extremely kind and intelligent with big dreams that I know each will accomplish.

One of the most fascinating things I learned during my time was the focus on Kampo medication. Japanese Kampo Medicine is a traditional herbal alternative that has been integrated into their healthcare system. There are several departments and groups of researchers that are working on clinical trials that will support the use of Kampo medicine world-wide. In addition to learning and seeing first-hand how Kampo is used in Japan's community, I also got to see student pharmacists work on their research, visit several healthcare facilities, and participate in educational events.

This was a valuable opportunity that allowed me to compare different perspectives and expand my knowledge about pharmacy practice in a different part of the world. I look forward to coming back to Japan in the future and seeing what other innovations are made!

Kim Vo01

Kim Vo02

Khon Kaen University
6/12/2023 - 7/21/2023

Raksika Boonpituck

Firstly, I would like to say that my memories at Keio university are full of impressions and appreciation which I could not forget. I have been interned in clinical rotation at Keio university for a total of 6 weeks. I have experience in various fields more than I expected such as case studies practice in campus, hospitals, laboratories, community pharmacies, museums, etc. Every single place that I visited gave me valuable experiences especially because of the well-organized system and the high technological machine that included in every part of the work. Apart from the honor opportunity that I gained a lot of knowledge and practices, I also found really good friends from Keio university. I feel so grateful to know them. They not only helped me when I had problems, but also being like my close friend who always took care of me. Moreover, teachers and people at Keio are all so kind. So, there is no day I feel lonely.
I also attached photos I took on my first and last day at Keio with this message.

Raksika Boonpituck01

Raksika Boonpituck02